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It’s often said that students are the church of tomorrow.
We’ve accidentally told a generation of passionate young people to wait their turn to make an impact. But age does not determine influence…
David was only a teen when he faced a giant who mocked God. He took action because he believed God wins battles, not size or weapons, and he defeated Goliath! (1 Samuel 17:1-54)
Mary was probably a young teen when she gave birth to Jesus. (Luke 1:26-38) Through her faithfulness, Jesus came into the world to love us and change our lives by His death and resurrection. Students are not the church of tomorrow.
They are the church of today.
Teens, don’t wait to start making a difference. Tomorrow is not your time; today is. We meet Wednesdays,
6-9th graders: 6:30-8:15pm in the Mulbach home, in Hammock Pointe.
9-12th graders: 6:45-8:30 in the Nelson home, in Fox Chase.
(yep we let the 9th graders determine which group they will grow in)
For more information contact us:  or call us: (716) YOUTH22