Kendal Anderson, Lead Pastor

…came to faith at the age of five, and still strives to maintain a childlike trust in God 🙂 He has been with the Crossing since before it had a name (see ‘our story’ for a bit more), and enjoys putzing with Adobe Illustrator, writing dramas, and hanging with people at his ‘office’ at Panera to talk about spiritual next steps. He loves to read biographies (current goal: to read ‘through’ the presidents; still on Martin Van Buren–only 36 to go!) He also is passionate about helping new churches get started, both here and in Haiti.
He is SUPER excited to break ground on our new property and even more excited to build our new facility! Woo-hoo 🙂

Zach Anderson, Worship Arts Director

…has been a Christ-follower since he was a kid. Always passionate about music (drum major in high school), Zach picked up a guitar three years ago and hasn’t put it down since. He recently graduated with a BS in Education from the University of Central Florida, where he co-founded the award-winning a cappella group Voicebox. As the Crossing’s worship leader, Zach strives to provide an environment where people can encounter God and experience the life-changing presence of Jesus.

Elaine Packard, CONNECT Team Leader

…became a follower of Christ at the age of 49 and plugged in at The Crossing in 2011. Elaine leads the First Impressions Team, co-leads the Crossing Cares Team, provides volunteer admin support, hosts gatherings and baptisms and Christmas parties and…well, in other words, Elaine is a nearly full-time volunteer staffer who lives to help us connect with each other and with Christ!
In her spare time she enjoys doing anything outdoors – she loves exploring, being adventurous, gardening (even pulling weeds!), and walking around barefoot 🙂 She’s also pretty handy with a chainsaw!

Tom Archambault, SHARE Director

…decided to follow Christ in his late twenties and got hooked on the Crossing in July 2007. Tom is one of our favorite Sunday morning guest speakers! He also leads the ‘SHARE’ component of our mission strategy, looking for ways to meet community needs and reach out to those who have no meaningful connection with God. He is passionate about hanging with his two daughters and is also a Disneyphile and a Vikings fan. He would like everyone to know he is the current Crossing Chili Cook-Off Champion. He loves the Crossing both because we’re like a family that makes newcomers feel comfortable and because it is “a place where we put faith into action.“

Tiffany Archambault, Facilities & Finance Director

Tiffany has known and followed Jesus ever since she can remember. She oversees finances and facilities at the Crossing, making sure we utilize our resources as effectively as possible! Tiffany also works with Tom (see above) to design and host community outreach events at the Crossing.
She is witty, funny, and incredibly creative–the only person we have ever met who can make a tricycle out of diapers! No, it’s not ‘ride-able,’ but it sure makes a great new baby gift 🙂

Stephanie Baysinger, Secretary

Stephanie became a follower of Christ at a Vacation Bible School one elementary school summer and was baptized at the age of 12. She has been part of The Crossing since its first service at the dance studio and desires to grow her faith and deepen her relationship with Jesus. She loves spending time with her family, reading (when she can find the time) and getting lost in a good movie. If it were possible to make a career out of listening to the ocean waves or moose-watching in Alaska she’d be living the dream!