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Church is not where we go, it’s who we are.

During these uncertain times, it’s important to remember that we don’t go to church, we are the church!

God is for us, with us, and moving through us, and we want you to be part of it! Below are opportunities and Crossing family news.

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Last week in our 21 Days of Prayer series, we looked at praying for our physical needs. This Sunday 1/30 we’re going to see how Jesus addressed our emotional needs in his teaching about prayer.
Jesus instructs his disciples to ask God to ‘forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.’ How are these things related? Is Jesus implying that I have to earn God’s forgiveness?
Come ready this Sunday to investigate what it means to forgive and also to join in the 21-Day Challenge! Stop twice a day to pray in a focused, engaged, attentive way. Sign up here and we’ll send you two simple daily prayer prompts to guide your words with God. See you at East Ridge at 10am!
OR you can always catch us online at Facebook.com/CrossingClermont
Worship at the Grove is next Sun, Feb 6th. Join us for an outdoor service on the beautiful property that will soon be our new home! The Grove is at 15420 Old Hwy 50 W – click here for directions.
We’re prayer walking every community that will be our new neighbors at the Grove. It’s super simple, you just sign up for a section of a neighborhood and go for a walk while praying for the people that live there. We’ve got a resource to help you right here: Prayer Walk Guide. Want to be a part of preparing the way spiritually for our church to grow and flourish in our new home and for God to move in the lives of our community? Contact our prayer coordinator at Prayer@theCrossingChurch.org to choose an area!!
Have a prayer need? Email our Prayer Team any time at Prayer@theCrossingChurch.org.
Pray with us! This Monday from 6:30-7pm, we will gather to pray online via Zoom. To join the Zoom call, email Prayer@TheCrossingChurch.org and we’ll send you the login and password.

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CONNECT with His People

  • We’re looking for volunteers to help with a Community Food Distribution this Friday Feb 4th from 8am-1pm. The location will be in the 4 Corners area of Clermont. If you’re interested, please email admin@thecrossingchurch.org and we’ll send you the details!
  • Spring Life Groups begin Sun, Feb 13th! Take a look at the lineup here and sign up at bit.ly/Crossing Groups. Make some time to join one and have fun, make friends and grow in faith!
  • Our next Discover the Crossing is Sun, Feb 13th from 3-5pm. Come join us in this small group setting where we get to know each other and our church, and talk about where God is taking us.  To sign up, go to bit.ly/CrossingDiscover
  • Want to update your preferences for how you receive communications from the Crossing? Fill out our form here!
  • Watch our 90SecondChurch videos. Subscribe to bit.ly/CrossingYouTube or go to Facebook.com/CrossingClermont. Then share with a friend!
  • Pray for someone from the Crossing, then send an encouraging text or email. It’ll make their week!
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ENGAGE in His Mission


We’re forming 2 teams to help with planning as we get closer to our permanent home at the Grove:

1-Sacred Space/Landscaping Team: help create a short and long-term design plan for how to preserve and enhance the feeling of sacred space on the property.

2-Community Outreach: create a plan for how the Crossing will become a visible fixture in our community by planning for events, serving opportunities and ministry partnerships.

If you’re interested in helping with either one, let us know by emailing admin@thecrossingchurch.org!


SHARE Him with Others

Each Christmas we celebrate God’s gift of Jesus by being generous with others, going above and beyond our normal giving.

We’re excited to announce that this year we exceeded our goal and raised over $32,000 to help with the following ministries!!


Well of Hope helps people in the Cagan Crossings/Four Corners region meet basic needs and reach their goals by providing healthy food, job training, clothing, furniture, and employment. They serve 400 children every month!


Life’s Choices opened their Clermont location in September 2021! Their clinic is staffed by medical professionals and provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, pregnancy care, adoption counseling, post-abortion counseling, and community resource referrals. Check them out at www.lifeschoices.net


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere; most Haitians live on less than $3/day. As a result, a third of Haiti’s children never go to school; of those who do, only 40% get past 6th grade.

For twelve years, we have had a strong partnership with Cornerstone Church & Academy in rural Chauffaud, Haiti, which offers not only elementary & middle school, but also has been certified as the only high school within 20 miles!

The Crossing is helping Cornerstone create a student sponsorship program. Our goal is to ensure that every child gets a great education and a hot meal every day!

We’ll also fund two community dinners in Chauffard hosted by Cornerstone Church. Haiti is in dire straits and our friends are going hungry. We can do something about it!

Note: 30 children have sponsors, but we still need 130 more! If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a child for $25/mo, please contact us at admin@TheCrossingChurch.org
Thanks for your generous partnership! Together, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus here, near, and far…


Junior & Senior High Youth Groups have resumed meeting for the Fall semester every Wednesday from 6-8pm at the Lund family home. For more info or directions, email youth@thecrossingchurch.org.


KidzCrossing is 10am Sundays at East Ridge! Join Mr. Bill and his team as they help your kids learn to know and follow Jesus!
Still at home? We’re posting regular ‘Mr. Bill’ teasers, along with links to Bible stories, KidzWorship, and craft ideas you can do at home. Follow our KidzCrossing Facebook page at Facebook.com/KidzCrossingClermontFL.