Jul 25, 2021
Follow: Which Way?
Series: Follow
Mark 8:31-9:13
  • Jul 25, 2021Follow: Which Way?
    Jul 25, 2021
    Follow: Which Way?
    Series: Follow
    Mark 8:31-9:13
  • Jul 18, 2021Follow: God Vision
    Jul 18, 2021
    Follow: God Vision
    Series: Follow
    Mark 8:22-33
    So you think you can see. Maybe - maybe not! This week we continue in Mark 8 where it's all about seeing clearly. After Jesus heals him (twice!) a blind man can see. Jesus' disciples on the other hand, think they can see, but actually can't. Can Jesus help them see clearly?
  • Jul 11, 2021Follow: Signs
    Jul 11, 2021
    Follow: Signs
    Series: Follow
    Mark 8:1-13
    The religious leaders want a sign from Jesus that he really is who he claims to be. He gives them an emphatic 'No!' How come?.
  • Jul 4, 2021Follow: In the Toilet?
    Jul 4, 2021
    Follow: In the Toilet?
    Series: Follow
    Mark 7:1-23
    This week in our 'Follow' series on the life of Jesus, we're in Mark 7 where the Jewish religious leader pick a fight with Jesus about, of all things, hand-washing! It wasn't about good hygiene - it was about what it means to be right with God and love him well. As usual, Jesus turns the whole thing on its ear and draws out the truth about them - and us. 
  • Jun 27, 2021Follow: Walk on Water
    Jun 27, 2021
    Follow: Walk on Water
    Series: Follow
    Mark 6:45-56
    As the disciples struggle in the storm, Jesus come with a message
  • Jun 20, 2021Follow: 5 Bagels & 2 Fish
    Jun 20, 2021
    Follow: 5 Bagels & 2 Fish
    Series: Follow
    In today's story, Jesus performs one of his most famous miracles. The interesting thing is that hardly anyone who was there even noticed! What does that teach us about following Jesus?
    Mark 6: 29-44
  • Jun 13, 2021Follow: Opposition to Faith
    Jun 13, 2021
    Follow: Opposition to Faith
    Series: Follow
    This week in our 'Follow' series we are going to see opposition to faith. Jesus' hometown is opposed to him acting like a messiah. The disciples are prepared for opposition as they go out on their own. Finally, we will see that standing firm does not always have a happy ending. Why does John's head end up on a platter? Come join us and see. Mark 6:1-29
  • Jun 6, 2021Follow: Faith
    Jun 6, 2021
    Follow: Faith
    Series: Follow
    Christians talk a lot about faith, but what does it really mean, anyway? How does one live with authentic faith?
    Mark 5:21-43
  • May 30, 2021Follow: Pigs
    May 30, 2021
    Follow: Pigs
    Series: Follow
    Mark 5:1-20
    A man tormented by demons has a life-changing encounter with Jesus.
  • May 23, 2021Follow: The Good Dirt
    May 23, 2021
    Follow: The Good Dirt
    Series: Follow
    Mark 4:21-41
    What does it mean to have the faith of a mustard seed?