Kendal Anderson, Lead Pastor

…came to faith at the age of five (but not while driving that car –>), and still strives to maintain a childlike trust in God. He and his wife/best friend, Sherry, have three adult children and have started two churches together.
Kendal enjoys hanging with people at his ‘office’ at Panera to talk about spiritual next steps. In his spare time, he loves to read, especially biographies and science-fiction. He also is passionate about helping new churches get started, both here and in Haiti.
He is SUPER excited to break ground on our new property and even more excited to build our new facility!

Zach Anderson, Worship Arts Director

…has been a Christ-follower since he was a kid. Always passionate about music (drum major in high school), Zach picked up a guitar a few years ago and hasn’t put it down since. He recently graduated with a BS in Education from the University of Central Florida, where he co-founded the award-winning a cappella group Voicebox.
As the Crossing’s worship leader, Zach strives to provide an environment where people can encounter God and experience the life-changing presence of Jesus.

William Baysinger, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Bill grew up in the church–mom was the Choir Director and dad was the Children’s Church Teacher.  His parents played a vital role in telling him the stories of Jesus and Bible.  He remembers getting his first picture Bible as a gift from his dad when he was 5 years old.  He once read a statistic about how most adults who follow Jesus took the step of faith before they turned 13 and finds it a great honor to introduce kids to Jesus through the wonderful stories found in the Bible.  He is a husband, father and educator.  Serving the youngest members of our community is hardwired into his DNA, and he enjoys what he does!

Beatriz Avila, Prayer Ministry Team Coordinator


Jesus became her Lord and Savior at the age of 18 as she read through “A Purpose Driven Life”. She joined the Crossing Church in 2013 when she moved to Clermont with a longing to be part of a church filled with people that really were ‘do-ers’ of God’s Word.  She serves as our Prayer Ministry team coordinator. Some of her favorite things are playing with her kids in the backyard, drinking coffee with friends and eating (to be clear, not cooking) international food.

Elaine Packard, CONNECT Team Leader

…became a follower of Christ at the age of 49 and plugged in at The Crossing in 2011. Elaine leads the First Impressions Team, co-leads the Crossing Cares Team, provides volunteer admin support, hosts gatherings and baptisms and Christmas parties and…well, in other words, Elaine is a nearly full-time volunteer staffer who lives to help us connect with each other and with Christ!
In her spare time she enjoys doing anything outdoors – she loves exploring, being adventurous, gardening (even pulling weeds!), and walking around barefoot 🙂 She’s also pretty handy with a chainsaw!

Stephanie Baysinger, Administrative Support

Stephanie became a follower of Christ at a Vacation Bible School one elementary school summer and was baptized at the age of 12. She has been part of The Crossing since its first service at the dance studio and desires to grow her faith and deepen her relationship with Jesus. She loves spending time with her family, reading (when she can find the time) and getting lost in a good movie. If it were possible to make a career out of listening to the ocean waves or moose-watching in Alaska she’d be living the dream!

Scott Perkins, Next Steps Pastor

After graduating from the University of Florida, Scott began following Jesus while he lived and worked in Alabama. Being an imperfect follower, he is grateful that God does not give up on his kids when they make a mess. Scott has written two books, Tree of Lies (2016) and Essential Questions (2020) and loves to coach people as they follow the way of Jesus. When he is not writing or coaching, Scott enjoys reading, being in or near the water, and going on cruises with his beautiful wife Missy and daughter Sarah.